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ManyMe is a free online service that makes it easy to use substitute email identities to protect your primary address and control your inbox. Share ManyMe addresses with third parties and never have your personal email address compromised again.

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Why ManyMe?

One account, unlimited aliases “on the fly”

Works with any email system

Doesn’t need access to your primary inbox

ManyMe is much more than Privacy

  • Complete Inbox Control

    Complete Inbox Control

    When a ManyMe address starts to spread to new senders, ManyMe alerts you and makes it simple to preemptively block any new senders. If you eventually get tired of a sender or a group of them, we make it easy to shut down the address—it‘s like an “instant unsubscribe”.

  • Stronger Security

    Stronger Security

    Using ManyMe addresses for your daily interactions with third parties drastically reduces your vulnerability to the most prevalent hacker attacks and alerts you to potentially fraudulent email.

  • Keep track of your addresses

    Keep track of your addresses

    ManyMe automatically remembers all of your addresses, and even gives you information on what happens to an address after you disclose it. When you registered at a site, you may have unknowingly granted permission to share your address with its affiliates. ManyMe gives you the ability to withdraw your permission after the fact.

How it works

ManyMe makes it easy to create substitute email addresses, whether online, in conversation, or when filling out a paper form.

All your ManyMe addresses can be created on the fly, which means that you don’t need to register them beforehand or configure anything at all.

Every address starts with your unique username, followed by a dot (.) and a label of your choice to give the address context, often the name of the site or store, the item you bought, the date or a number, or anything that helps you recall where or when you disclosed the address. And don’t forget to add!

Every message sent to a ManyMe address is thoroughly filtered before delivery to your primary inbox. Replies pass back through ManyMe, so your personal email address is protected in both directions.

Popular Use Cases

Save your personal email address for your family and friends, and use ManyMe addresses for everyone else. To create a ManyMe address, simply add a dot and a suffix to your ManyMe username, e.g., or We call the suffix a “Flag”—it can be anything you want. It doesn’t have to be created beforehand, and you can disclose it freely because you retain control.

Here are a few examples of when to use ManyMe addresses:


  • Shopping

    When the salesperson in a store asks if you want your receipt via email, give them a ManyMe address with a Flag that includes the name of the shop or item you bought, e.g. .harrods or .cashmeresweater.

  • Dating

    If you register at a dating site, use a Flag that’s the name of the site or a personal interest, e.g. .tinder or .poetrylover.

  • Signing Up for Free Trials

    For coupons, discounts and free trials, disclose a ManyMe address with a Flag that can later be disabled, if necessary, e.g., .freetrial or .15%discount.

  • Socializing

    When you’re out for the evening and a new acquaintance asks for your email address, use a Flag that’s the name of the event or the venue, e.g., .charityfundraiser or .mccarthysbar.

  • Travel

    When you register at a travel site, use a ManyMe address with a Flag that includes the name of the site or your destination, e.g., .jetblue or .paris.

  • Filling Out Paper Forms

    When completing a paper form, use a ManyMe address with a Flag that relates to the context, e.g., .opinionsurvey or .towncensus.

  • For Clients

    For a personal touch, give your clients a ManyMe address with a Flag that includes their business name, e.g., .acehardware or .mainstreetcafe.

  • Attending A Conference

    If you register for a conference, use a ManyMe address with a Flag that’s the name of the event or topic, e.g., .un-conference or .hrseminar-06-9-19.

What People Are Saying…

TC, New York City

“ManyMe gives me much greater control over my digital life. With most digital businesses requiring an email at sign up, ManyMe addresses ensures that I have access to these services without jeopardizing my privacy, my primary address, or my email inbox.”

MAK, Newton, Massachusetts

“Suddenly, I can control all those incoming messages with recipes, promotions, travel tips and everything else I signed-up for but may not want to read each day.”

EJB, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Before ManyMe, I would sometimes get email from sites I was sure I had never subscribed to, and I had no idea which company or organization had given/sold my email to them. Now, with a different email address for every site I sign-up on, I know where all my mail is coming from.”

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